Movie Review : THE POST | Spielberg’s film is an Outstanding Ode to all honest Journalists who work without fear or favor

STAR CAST : Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Bruce Greenwood,  Sarah Paulson, and Bradley Whitford
WRITER :  Liz Hannah and Josh Singer
PRODUCER : Steven Spielberg, Amy Pascal and Kristie Krieger
DIRECTOR : Steven Spielberg

Rating : 4.5/5

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom hanks . When we have these three big names , the expectations are bound to be high, sky high in fact. I entered the cinema hall with same expectations crossing my fingers hoping for the fulfillment of those expectations and I am happy to note that Spielberg’s The Post is a triumph.

The Post is about the pressures brought upon by the Nixon administration on newspapers seeking to publish the pentagon papers, owing to the man who occupies White House now. There are some documents which tells the details of how the US continued the war with Vietnam despite knowing how badly it was going. The decision of Washington Post to risk the government’s wrath and publish this document had a lot to do with its woman publisher, Katharine Graham. The film further moves on same discussion and lots of debates happening between its various characters especially Katherine and Bradlee , Bradlee and editors, between editors and the sources , the business men and journalists etc.

This film is brave , relevant and Important for all of us.  It gives you insights into Journalism and the way journalist work. The problems they face from the bosses – Editors or Businessmen or sometimes politicians. It is built on the debates that we need to hear and learn about. Spielberg’s The Post enlightens about what comprises national security, the risks of combining the government with the nation, and the role press in it. Two protagonists Meryl and Hank are promising in their performances and literally lived the characters.  No one would have played these two characters better than  them and this is one of the prime reasons of The Post’s success as a film.

The first few reels of the film are affected by slow screenplay which is used to establish the characters and to give insight into them to viewers. Some perplexing incidents in first few minutes may make compliance of the plot cumbersome for you but once you get with it and the story start progressing it never sees back or slows the pace. The Post is really a quintessential and perhaps the best film I have watched on Journalism.  It is bold, brave , and an important film that reminds us about the significance of truth in Journalism. It is an ode to the fearless journalism.

I am going with four and a half stars out of five for Steven Spielberg’s The Post.

Just don’t miss this one.

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