Secret Superstar Movie Review : A perfect Diwali treat for your Family especially females.

Cast : Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan, Mehar Vij , Raj Arjun
Music :  Amit Trivedi
Produced by : Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao
Directed by : Advait Chandan

Rating :  3.5 / 5

Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is a story of Insia Malik (Zaira Wasim) , a talented 15-year-old school girl from Baroda. She has a passion for Singing and wants to make it big. Her mother too wants to help her but her Husband and Insiya’s father played by Raj Arjun is the big obstacle as he doesn’t want his daughter to sing. He is abusive , violent and doesn’t indulge Insiya’s musical leanings. But still she dares to pursue her dream by hiding her identity. So does she succeed ? Does her father allow her or not ? What happens next ? To find out answers you need to visit theater near to you. But does this film deserve your time and money ? Answer is YES !

Talking about story, there’s nothing new here. Yes we have seen such stories many a time. But the gripping screenplay, Outstanding Performances, and relevant Music win you over in this tale. You don’t realize that you are watching a known story. You are excited and interested to see what happens next. The story unfolds in interesting way and that’s the effect of powerful screenplay and nice direction of Advait.

But the unfortunate thing is this powerful effect stays with film till the interval and after that the story and screenplay waver. Some scenes are unnecessary. And what mars the film is its predictability and some contrivances that were absent in first half. These are some flaws in second half. But yes I must add that despite these flaws , you don’t get bored. Because Insiya wins you over in first half so effectively that she stays with you in second half too and even after you leave theater and that’s why you are involved in her story. So the first half is very good and second half is simply good. Which makes Secret Superstar a good watch.

Zaira Wasim has nailed it. She has given an Outstanding performance. Since the inception to the climax she is under the skin of her character and its really surprising that a 15 year old girl playing this role with such fineness. Full marks to her. Aamir is funny and witty, in completely new avatar which suits him and he impresses too.You may compare this role with his Rangeela avatar in some scenes. Other actors too have done justice to their roles. So by performance wise, its rich fare.

Tough story doesn’t have novelty but families especially females will love it. Its a perfect Diwali treat for them. Its a film that will not disappoint you. It deserves your time and money. So go and enjoy.

Happy Diwali !


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