Movie Review : MOM comprises intriguing plot with Bravura Performances

Movie :  MOM
Star Cast : Sridevi , Akshaye Khanna, Sajal Ali, Nawazuddin Siddqui , Adnan Siddqui
Produced by :Boney Kapoor
Director : Ravi Udyavar

Rating :  ***1/2

MOM is a story of Devki (Sridevi) who is a mother of two beautiful daughters and a loving wife who enjoys her perfect happy family. But there are some differences between Devki and her daughter Arya . The true happiness of being a mother eludes Devki. Arya cannot accept Devki and her love wholeheartedly. Arya believes, a daughter comes into a mother’s life, but a mother does not enter the life of a daughter. Devki decided to patiently wait for Arya’s love and acceptance as she believes only a mother can truly understand the silence of her child.

mom 4

Amidst this an unfortunate incident happens that creates distances between Arya and Devki, to a point of no return. In such a situation a mother (Devki) has to make a choice not between what is wrong or right but between what is wrong and very wrong.
So now what will Devki do in such a situation ? Will she fight for her daughter’s love knowing the consequences she may have to face ?  Will she conquer it ? What happens to her daughter and why actually a mother is challenged ? All questions will be answered in theaters near you.

mom 3

This was the story that is partly engaging and flourished with intriguing screenplay.
Now let’s have a look over Performances.
Sridevi , in a role of Devki has lived her character. She involves you in her operation. After English Vinglish this is yet another Bravura performance from her. Perhaps the main reason to watch the film. Akshaye Khanna lives his mark and impresses you. While other actors Adnan Siddqui, Sajal Ali, everyone has done justice to their roles. Nawazuddin Siddqui in a cameo appearance tells us that why he is one of the finest actors India has ever produced.
Speaking about Music, A.R. Rahman’s music adds one more feather to MOM’s hat. Music is relevant to the pace and theme of film.

mom 6

What’s Good : Story, Intriguing Screenplay in the first half , Music , Dialogues and Performances (especially Sridevi).

What’s Not : Screenplay takes time to catch pace in second half which makes it slower, Theme -Revenge drama which may feel obsolete to young audiences.

On the whole, MOM comprises intriguing story line with marvelous performances. It will be liked by Family audiences a lot. Though not the best , but one of the finest revenge dramas made so far in Bollywood.

mom 5

Rating Analysis :
Story: 3/5
Performances: 4/5
Music: 3/5
Impact: 3/5

So based on overall analysis I am going with Three and a half stars for Ravi Udyavar’s MOM.

Recommended !


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