Tubelight Movie Review : Salman struggles a lot in this partly entertaining Film

Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub, Zhu Zhu, Martyn Rey Tangu, Om Poori, Shah Rukh Khan (Cameo)
Produced By :Salman Khan
Directed By : Kabir Khan

Rating : **1/2

So the day that all of us have been eagerly waiting has come. Year’s one of the most anticipated films, the Dabangg Super star ‘s Tubelight has hit the theaters. Last two films of Salman – Bajarangi Bhaijaan (2015) and Sultan (2016) both made it to 300 Crore club. And now all eyes are on Tubelight. Being the biggest Salman Khan release so far, Trade has huge expectations from this one. But Salman’s predecessors worked due to strong content and outstanding word of mouth. And Tubelight too, will march ahead by same road.But to do so, it must have good content, good word of mouth, good impressions.
So does it carry all these ingredients ? Is it good enough to do humongous business at Box Office ? Lets find it out in this review. If you have read my reviews earlier you might know that I don’t like to give lecture about film making and preach you all that how it should be and how to do it , like other film reviewers. I just don’t like that path. I review films for public and not for the Einsteins of film making. So I keep it simple and brief.
And by same route here’s my review of TUBELIGHT –

Story :
Tubelight is an official adaption of Hollywood film ‘Little Boy’. This film is set in a backdrop of 1961 Sino-Indian War. It is a story that entirely depicts how people get affected when their countries go to war. Particularly it is the journey of Laxman (Salman Khan) a gullible, good-hearted person loved by the kids in his neighborhood, vows to find his brother under any cost. What we see over the film is his journey — good, bad and ugly. The first thing that you observe in Tubelight is how the atmosphere of the film is and it is of happiness.Film begins with lovely music and a look into Laxman’s life. Here the time is given to let audiences know why he is called Tubelight. First half boasts of Happyness, The bonding between Salman and Sohail, their mischief that is  on establishing the plot which is fortunately entertaining and doesn’t bore. On the other hand second half belongs fully to Salman and his efforts to bring his brother back. Second half is more entertaining that the first which is best thing that any director and audiences alike can ask for now a days. In second half there are some surprising elements and twists which add feather to the entertainment quotient of the drama.
So the questions now are will Laxman be able to bring his brother back ? Is Sohail alive ?  Will Laxman too, be caught ? To find answers of all these questions, you will have to watch movie.

Performances :

Salman is playing this kind of role for the first time. yes he has played a role of mentally disturbed person in Kyon Ki, but this role is very different. It is not easy to watch Salman in such roles. I think he is made for roles like Dabangg, Ek tha Tiger, Bodyguard, Kick, Sultan etc but this time he tried something different and very difficult. In film we can feel how hard salman is trying to portray Laxman. But still he fails.Sohail has his moments in first half and he is good. Zeeshan got a limited role but he did it with perfection. The little master Martyn Rey Tangu and Zhu Zhu both  have done a very good job. Om Poori ji in little role says a lot. And last but not the least Shah Rukh Khan. He has an important cameo in film as magician , after which film and salman’s aim takes significant turn and he aced that mini role.

Music :
Like every Salman Khan movie, Tubelight too has some good songs that feel nice to ear. So music is good. My favourites are – Radio and Nach Meri Jaan while Main Agar is a situational song which is an emotional one and can be enjoyed in movie.
Now let’s have a brief on What’s good and What’s not.

What’s Good ?
Some funny scenes, Some Performances except Salman’s, Music, The emotional Climax.
What’s Not ?
Story, Direction, Screenplay gets a tad cliched in the pre-climax , Salman looks inappropriate in lots of scenes which lessen the intensity of scene.

Final Word :
On the whole, Tubelight is an average entertainer. It entertains partly. A one time watch if you are bhai fans. If you can connect to him (his portrayal of Laxman) then you may like this film. I found his act – average but a good try- and I am going with 2 and a half stars out of 5.

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