Movie Analysis : JAB HARRY MET SEJAL

Whoaa… finally a sigh of relief for all SRK and Anushka fans as they have finally got the title :
JAB HARRY MET SEJAL ! Refreshing, gregarious and lively !

We all know that Romance is a fort of Shah Rukh Khan. His success ratio in romantic genre is almost 100%. So all are excited , not only fans but neutral ones too  as romance is a favourite genre of almost every moviegoer. Romance is never Old or New its just an expression of Love.And as far as Love is concerned who better than the king of romance can describe it ? Excitements tend to be sky high for sure. On one hand fans will get to see their favourite person in his best avatar while others will get some love-lessons from God of romance .

If we focus on critical and commercial aspects of this movie then ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has following advantages :

  1. Romantic genre with King Of Romance in it
  2. Super Hit pairing of SRK – Anushka (After RNBDJ & JTHJ)
  3. Critically acclaimed Director – Imtiaz Ali
  4. Chart buster Music as Music Director is none other than Pritam.
  5. Beautiful and fascinating Locations
  6. Amazing buzz which got more push after the release of Beautiful posters.

These points are enough to pull public to theaters. And opening will be , of course , Very Good in fact earth shattering at some places. But what will keep the film running long is the real hero of film – ‘Content ‘. Yes … What SRK needs now is a Good movie that can be watched by whole family. If we look at the career graph of Shah Rukh Khan , his last few movies are – Jab Tak Hain Jaan ( Clash), Chennai Express , Happy New Year , Dilwale, Fan, Dear Zindagi , and now recently released Raees (Clash).


Jab Tak Hain Jaan was clashed with masala entertainer Son Of Sardar. SRK won this clash. And collections too were good as clash and thus the number of screens is concerned.
Come to Chennai Express. It was a highly commercial movie and a family entertainer with solo and clean release. Upon its release it broke all records even that of Aamir’s 3 Idiots which proved the power of Shah Rukh Khan.Then Happy New Year was an average movie with lots of negative reviews. Personally I didn’t like the movie much. But it still holds the record of Highest Day 1 (45 Cr). Now just imagine what the final collections would have been , had the movie been a Good one ? Earth Shattering !

Neverthless, Dilwale was again clashed with another biggie Bajirao Mastani. SRK ‘s movie faced lots of negative reviews and criticism from many people for his statement on Intolerance. But still it managed to earn 148 Cr in Indian and 389 Cr World Wide which is again a good figure. Come to FAN. It was a target audience film specially for his fans. Film saw a decent opening considering a non holiday release but disappointed the trade later on. Fan was a target audience film with no music, no actress, no big promotions and thus no commercial values plus a dull phase like April with competition from well acclaimed Jungle Book and IPL season. Dear Zindagi was alia’s films and I won’t comment on its performance as it released during the phase of demonetization and was still a HIT.Then come to Raees. Again Clash. This time I had many expectations from this film. Of course not that 300 Cr+ as film is a Criminal drama about a bootlegger who sales Alcohol.SO families and Children are less inclined to such films. In fact parents stop their children from watching such films. So I was hoping for 200 Cr + for sure. But unfortunately it clashed with another Biggie Kaabil. And screens got shared. Raees got only 60% screens. Despite all these aspects Raees earned more than 140 Cr in India and 300 Cr + world wide. And that is fantastic. Clap Worthy. Raees declared a Huge HIT. Had the clash been avoided I’m 11o% sure , Raees would have crossed 200 Cr crores easily.And that shows the SHAH RUKH KHAN stardom.

Now come back to our topic. “Jab Harry Met Sejal”.
As per posters film looks Refreshing, Lively and with shows sheer amiability. Shahrukh and Anushka both share an amazing and envious chemistry. Don’t believe me ? Check out yourself n following poster.

Grand opening and Huge weekend for this film is guaranteed.Now what film needs is a solo and clean release + good reviews from critics as well as public ( It should have a Good Story .. a Good Content). If this film full fills these expectations, no one can stop it from becoming a Big Block Buster at the box office.
SRK has a tremendous fan following and If I may say so , the biggest Fan base not only in India but world wide. Now many people think if he has this much followers why his movies are not earning as much as they should ? Right ? So the problem is – People love ‘Him : the Shah Rukh Khan’ , not necessarily his movies, people love ‘SRK the person’. So they can watch him anywhere. That’s why whenever SRK makes public appearance  he pulls tremendous crowd. On the other hand when movie is concerned his jabra fans run to the theaters and watch it but other fans  will go and buy a pirated DVD or wait for original one instead of watching a movie on theater if movie is NOT good (because what matters for them is SRK only ). Why will they waste money on watching him on theater ?
And that’s why I’m saying that if this movie full fills the aforementioned expectations then movie will be watched by 3 kinds of audience:

1.The Jabra Fan Audience ( Who love his movies very much and don’t miss them at any cost )
2. Normal Fans Audience ( Who love Him but not necessarily watch his movies if its NOT a good )
3. Neutral Audience ( Who go to theater to watch a good movie only )

And if this happens, If this film full fills all these expectations then  I’m sure that it will cross even 300 Crore at Box Office. (Despite being romantic genre). Because once SRK gives a content oriented movie , there’s no stopping him from breaking records at box office.
His big Fan Following + WOM will ensure the Earth Shattering Figures at the Box Office.
If we look at his competitors’ films Bajarangi Bhaijan ( Salman Khan) and Dangal (Aamir Khan) , both had all that I explained above. And If SRK ‘s next films including “Jab Harry Met sejal” full fills the same expectations he has all chances to break all records at the Box office as he has much bigger fan base than these two.

So now I just hope this new romantic film directed by Imtiaz Ali should comprise all these factors. And people will know the Power of Brand SHAH RUKH KHAN. Film will be a Storm at Box Office.

Fingers Crossed !

Apart from above analysis now lets have a look on collections predictions of “Jab Harry Met Sejal” considering various review aspects.
If film is-
Bad or not watchable : 90-100 Cr
Average: 125 Cr
Good : 150-170 Cr
Very Good : 200 Cr+
Outstanding : 250 Cr+ and may even touch 300 Cr.

So business can be as low as 100 Cr and as max as 300 Cr too.
Depends on CONTENT !

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