Is it really a Bad Phase for SRK ? Figures & History say NO !

“SRK should announce his retirement now. He is no more a star ”
“SRK is finished”
“SRK ka career khatm ”
“Has SRK lost his King tag to Salman /Aamir ? ”
“SRK going through a bad phase.”

We all have seen and heard such statements on social media. Being an SRK fan it really hurts me and millions of his fans like me. But today I’m not writing this article as his fan but as a spectator.
A spectator of Bollywood, A Spectator of career of our all Super stars emerged in 90s – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan , Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan (though early in 2000) and as an honest moviegoer.
While reading this article you may come across many such points that you’ll relate to even if you are SRK hater.
I just want to discuss and ask you all (Fans, Haters & Neutral ones) that what is Bad Phase ?
What is that you call a Bad phase of B-town Actor ?
I agree that Since Chennai Express, Shah Rukh Khan has not delivered any Block Buster.
Happy New Year, Dilwale, Dear Zindagi and Raees all were HIT while only Fan was a flop (it was worldwide Hit though).
So this is what you call a bad phase ? Seriously guys ?
SRK has not yet succeeded in giving a Block Buster since 2013 , he has only been giving HITs.
If you call this phase a Bad phase, then what will you call that phase of other actors when they continuously gave flops after flops ???
Today people compare SRK with Salman, Aamir , And now with Akshay too. So now lets get a career round up of all these actors since 2000.
Starting with one of the most loved superstars of India – Salman Khan.
1. Salman Khan – career : (2000-2017 present)

Salman had an average period between 1990-2000 with 11 successful films out of 22.
Now come to 2000.
Salman’s 2000 started with Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge which was a Hit at box office. After that Salman gave continuous 7 flops with two semi Hits (Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Tere Naam). He got his next clean hit after a gap of 4 years with Muzse Shadi Karogi (2004).Then again from 2004 to 2009 Salman gave 12 flops with 2 Successes ( No Entry and Partner which were Super Hits). Again after 2 years he got his hit i.e Wanted. After wanted he gave 3 another flops. And finally in 2010 his real career started with Dabangg being a Block Buster . Since 2010 till 2017 except Jai Ho all his 9 films are successful. And this can truely be called a Good Phase for any actor.
2. Aamir Khan (2000-2017 Present)

Aamir Khan has only 13 releases from 2000 which is very less as compare to other actors.
But Aamir has been very consistent with his few releases too. Out of 13 he has only 3 Flops and rest 10 were Successful including 3 ATBB : 3 Idiots ,PK, Dangal.
3. Akshay Kumar (2000-2017 present )

Akshay Kumar’s year 2000 started with Hera Pheri and Dhadkan. Both were Hit and average respectively. Since 2000 till now Akshay has done total 67 Films. He has never been consistent with his performance. Out of 67 Film he has 31 Flops and 21 Successful films . Rest were average .
Akshay having is best time right now with back to back 4 Hits in a row.

Now come to Shah Rukh Khan :
SHAH RUKH KHAN (2000-2017 Present) :

SRK had 25 releases in 90s out of which only 8 films were flop . He had a good performance in 90s with Blockbusters Like Darr, Karan Arjun, DDLJ ,Pardes, Dil To Pagal Hai and Kuch Kuch Hota hai . But SRK’s year 2000 started with a flop Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani followed by Average Josh but ended up with a Block Buster Mohabbatein. Year 2001 has 3 releases – Asoka and One 2 ka four which were average and flop respectively. But again ended up with a huge blockbuster Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. And since Kabhi Khushi Gham i.e 2001 SRK went on releasing film almost each year and has almost all successful films.Since 2001 SRK has total 23 releases out of which only 3 are flops and 17 successful Films while rest 3 were average/semi hits.
Also amongst these all senior actors from 1950s till 2017 SRK has the highest success ratio.
Shah Rukh Khan has been the most consistent actor of All time in Bollywood.
Following are the top 5 actors according to Success ratios :

1. Shah Rukh Khan : Total Films :54
ATBB: 3, BB: 7, Super Hit: 4, HIT : 12, Semi Hit: 4, Average: 6
Success ratio : 36/54 = 66.66 %

2. Aamir Khan : Total Films :25
ATBB: 4, BB: 2, Super Hit: 3, HIT : 4 , Semi Hit: 1, Average: 2
Success ratio : 16/25 = 64 %

3. Hrithik Roshan : Total Films :23
ATBB: 0, BB: 5, Super Hit: 2, HIT : 2 , Semi Hit: 3, Average: 1
Success ratio : 13/23 = 56.55 %

4.Salman Khan : Total Films :60
ATBB: 2, BB: 9, Super Hit: 5, HIT : 8 , Semi Hit: 5, Average: 2
Success ratio : 31/60 = 51.66 %

5. Akshay Kumar : Total Films :102
ATBB: 0, BB: 2, Super Hit: 9, HIT : 14 , Semi Hit:6, Average: 14
Success ratio : 45/102 = 44.1 %

This is the career analysis of SRK and his competitors.
If you compare SRK with them then you’ll realize that he never gone through any bad phase. Giving flops after flops is called a bad phase which many actors like Salman, Hrithik, Akshay, Ajay, Amitabh ji etc had. But There was never such phase for SRK. He gave successful films almost every year not only at domestic box office but worldwide too.
Now please re-think … is it really a bad phase ?
I think everyone should think twice before commenting on Shah Rukh Khan that they’re talking about An actor who has won 22 clashes out of 23. (23/23 worldwide), An actor who has highest success ratio in Bollywood, An actor who is the 2nd richest actor in the world, an actor whose movies have been earning profits even before release since many years.
A Self Made Super Star , admired and followed by Millions , Loved by Billions, an Inspiration for all those who dare to dream big.

Bad phase is just a Myth for Shah Rukh Khan.

He never saw a bad phase and fortunately he will never see it in future also.


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