Fugay Movie Review :Film is a complete family entertainer and a pleasant watch that will make your weekend.

Movie : Fugay (Baloons)
Language : Marathi
Cast : Swapnil Joshi , Subodh Bhave , Prarthana Behre, Neetha Shetty, Mohan Joshi and Suhas Joshi.
Produced by :Inder Raj Kapoor (STV Network)
Director : Swapna Waghmare Joshi

Ratings : 3.5 / 5

Story :
‘Fugay’ is one of the most awaited marathi films of 2017. When first trailer was out it showed the release date as Dec 2 but was shifted to Feb 10 2017 later on.
Lots of speculations have been made about the plot of this project and first of all let me clear one thing that its NOT a remake of Hindi Film DOSTANA. Film is much different and if I may say so a much better one.


Coming to the story , Fugay is a tale of strong bond of friendship between Aaditya ( Swapnil Joshi) and Hrishikesh (Subodh Bhave). Aaditya & Hrishikesh have been friends from when they were three years old and since then they are inseparable.

This bond highlights the concept  ” Love Is Blind , be it between two friends”. As story moves , new characters come into frame.Meanwhile Aaditya gets engaged to Prarthana Behere who is extremely possessive about him and also doesn’t approve the bond between Aaditya and Hrishikesh. Assuming they wont get to enjoy the same fun , now both decide to go for one last bachelor party to Goa. In Goa they have a lot of Fun but also make a mistake that leads to hilarious fun.
What happens when they come back and how both Aaditya and Hrishikesh have to explain themselves and how they have to go back to clarify and prove their sides is a funny, humorous and better watched on Big screens.
Film is filled with Funny story line,Powerful performances , Screen presence of well renowned actors , decent music and taut direction. Those who have watched films like Dostana may find some similarity in funny scenes but the best thing is that it is limited to those particular scenes only.


We have seen Swapnil in such comic roles before in films like Mumbai Pune Mumbai 1 & 2, Duniyadari. And in this film also Swapnil simply nailed it. From his facial expression to comic timing to his dialogue delivery each and everything is top notch. his equation with Prarthana Behre and some scenes among Aaditya , Hrishikesh and Prarthana will surely bring laughter. But what surprised me most is Subodh Bhave as hrishikesh. Till now I have always been seeing him in serious roles but here he surprises us and I must add he has done a fine job. 5 out of 5 to him for his portrayal of Hrishikesh. While all other actors like Mohanj Joshi ,Suhas joshi, Prarthana Behre, Neetha shetty all lend a meaningful support to the story and the film it self.

Though a genre is a tad new to Marathi audience but film balances fun, novelty, emotions and family stuff very well. So it will be loved by Youngsters as well as Families. One may think that such films are targeted to young audience but trust me, this one will be loved by families too. From kids to Youngsters to the old , film has something for everyone which will ensure its long and successful run at the ticket windows.

On the whole FUGAY is a complete family entertainer and a pleasant watch that will make your weekend. Watch it ! You’ll leave theaters with a smile on your face.

I’m going with three and a half stars out of Five for FUGAY !



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