What is HIT or FLOP ? Let’s Understand

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to tell you about Verdicts of Movies.
Yes. you read it right. Many people seemed confuse on this ‘verdict thing’.

So now lets understand what does mean by Flop, Hit,Super Hit, Block Buster and All Time Block Buster.Lets understand it by taking example of latest Shahrukh Khan starer RAEES.

So guys , Raees is made on a budget of 85 Crore ( Making : 65 Crore + P&A : 20 Crore )

Now it is a common sense that movie is called HIT if it satisfies all concerned ( Producers and Distributors ). And you must wanna know how’s it done ? Right ?
So lets see :

Budget is around 85 Crore. Film released on 25 th Jan 2017 to packed houses all over India and Overseas alike. But even before its release it was already a profitable venture for Producers.
Raees  Pre-release business : Overseas share ( 35 Crores ) + Satellite Rights ( 50 Crore) + Music Rights (15 Crore ) . Total = 100 Crore

So Raees had made 100 crore business even before it’s release. But overseas collections can’t be counted in Indian verdict as they’re sold out figures. Overseas trade will make  their profits on it . And as SRK has tremendous fan following internationally , Raees earned whopping 55 Crore overseas in just 5 days. Which means 20 Crores’ profit for them in just 5 days.So its already a Hit overseas. And all India net business is nothing but a profit for Producers. But distributors who bought this film for quite a huge price are yet to scrape through. So when they are well satisfied and recover investment , then and only then a film is called a HIT. If it continues on doing business , it earns tag like Super Hit , Block Buster and ATBB .

Now looking at Raees , producers earned profits but now game is on for distributors.
So now by these aspects, there’s a rule for calling it a hit or flop.
Film is called hit if it “Doubles” investment. To make double earning of investment (Budget and P&A) , Raees needs 170 crore net amount.

Now Raees holds pre-release earnings of 65 crore (Excluding 35 crores of overseas).
So now before release Raees needed at least 105-110 Crore. which means Raees has to earn these figures by theatrical business so that it nears 170-175 crores.

So lets get final count for film and verdict : (Indian Box Office)

Business : 105-110 Crores = HIT
Business : 135-140 Crores = Super Hit
Business : 165-175 Crores = Block Buster
Business : 200 Crore = All Time Block Buster

Thank You !


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