What is Love ? Answers Lord Krishna

Hey folks, first of all thank you for your love and response for my previous blogs. Your feedback is what inspires me to keep penning new ones. One year ago I had written a blog called ” Why not to get married?”, one of my most famous blogs on WordPress and Twitter which irked as well as pleased lots of people. It was out of my hatred towards breaking of marriages these days. It’s been so long since then, I penned anything. Perhaps I did not have anything to write or I might have been waiting for this chance. Perhaps this blog is a solution or mitigation to that baffling problem. So lets get to topic .

A lot has been seen and spoken regarding love. Each and everyone of us has our own definitions of love, some are heard, some are experienced while some are seen. I also have my own definition of love. But who am I ? Why would and why should anyone listen to me ?  Right ? I’m not even as much experienced as many people reading this blog would be. Or I might not even be as much famous as many people reading this blog would be .So I’d better not to preach you. I don’t have that right. But the creator of this emotion , the almighty , the Lord Krishna has this right and He has got all the reasons why everyone should listen to Him. Because He’s the one who created all of us , who created this emotion , who created this thing called LOVE .
So its better to listen to the creator Himself. Let’s seek his help. Let’s get it right from Bhagvad Gita. I know for many of you this ” Bhagvad Gita ” term may sound obsolete. But please dare to trust it, dare to trust God and I promise you won’t regret. At least try once and then decide for yourself.

So let’s understand what is Love and how exactly it should be enacted.

Following are the Five lessons from Lord Krishna (Bhagvad Gita) on Love :

1. If there’s love , there shouldn’t be any expectations: (Ref. karma Yoga)

” In true love , there is no heart break. Broken heart means broken demands, broken expectations and broken hopes.”


I think this is the first and the most common problem of every couple – EXPECTATIONS

In Karma Yoga Lord Krishna says ,” Do your karma without any expectations and you’ll see no worries “. So what can be the better karma than to Love ? Lord Krishna says in Bhakti Yoga – ” To love is the greatest of all karma ” .So why to keep any expectations from our Love ?  Just do your karma. keep loving , trusting and believing in your Love. You don’t have control on your own self , your own  thinking , your own behaviour at times  so how can you you have control on some different soul ? That’s not in your control. But to love her/him is in your control and that’s the right karma.keep doing it.
According to Krishna, Love is giving everything and taking nothing.

2. Make your partner realize if they are going any wrong way Ref. Arjunavishadya Yog, Sankhya yog )  

Now you must be confused that first He’s saying don’t expect anything and now this ?


Let me make  it easy for you. As karma yoga talks about duty , sankhya yog tells importance of soul. Krishna tells Arjuna that why killing kauravas is necessary and that it is not because of hatred but because of love towards them. He told Arjuna their souls were spoiled and they must get a chance to purify it. So killing them would be the utter humility and kindness. Point is – if someone is going wrong , its your duty to get them back. Arjuna had to kill his brothers to purify their souls. Can’t we take few words or deeds to refrain our loved one from doing wrong ?
That’s the concept. If your partner is going wrong way then it is your prime duty out of your kind gesture to make them realize what are they doing . So expectations and this gesture are two different things. It is your karmik duty and not in accordance with your expectation.

3. Learn to Forgive : ( Ref. Arjunavishadya Yog, Sankhya yog )   

According to Krishna , forgiveness is an expression of Love.
There’s no relationship that is devoid of mistakes. Mistakes are bound to happen. We all make mistakes, some are trivial and some are subtle. But in relationship , judging your partner on the basis of their mistakes is totally unfair.


If she/he regrets  doing that mistake and feels guilty about it that’s the only penance in love relationship. There’s no point in parting ways. Let’s embrace him/her and forgive .Let bygones be bygones and make a new start. Forgiving someone is one of the best deeds and do remember what Lord Krishna says ” Whatever happens , happens for a good reason “. So Just let go off these things , trust your God and learn to forgive, one of the roots of Love.

4. How to Love ? ( Ref. Bhakti Yog)

In Bhakti Yoga, Krishna talks about our love towards Him, which is the supreme degree of love . Let’s understand Krishna’s love .
You must have observed , whenever you hold a child in your hand he smiles at you. He hugs you, he kisses you , licks your neck , ear , etc. but when same act is done by an adult it is lust which is bound to individual pleasures and not the love.


Krishna’s love is a former one. Krishna’s love belong to that child’s love. That child has no expectations from you. He doesn’t know if you’re male or female. He doesn’t see if you’re black or fair , You’re sick or normal , You’re rich or poor. He doesn’t see any of these things. He just loves and expects nothing. And that innocence is the true love. The innocence is a necessity of love.
Love  is preserved by wisdom and destroyed by demands. Tested by doubt and nourished by longing. It blossoms with faith and grows with gratitude.

5. Are you eligible to love ? (Ref. Karma yog , Bhakti yog)

Weird question right? Actually there’s no eligibility criteria for loving someone. Each and everyone has right to love. So what is this eligibility ?
In Sankhya yog , Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that he should be free from all attachments. He who has no attachment can really love others, for his love is pure and divine”.

So that eligibility is – You should be free from all attachments. You should love your partner but you must not get attached to him / her.


Lord Krishna says Love frees us, Love brings prosperity and progress. It makes us realize what’s wrong and what’s right. It frees us from all attachments. Then how can we get attached to someone by love itself ? Getting attached to someone is not love. You should love your partner enough to let them go. Love them unconditionally.
Emotional attachments and feelings tend to grasp us into possessiveness , jealousy and thus hatred which are the ingredient needed to spoil the sacredness or purity of Love. Its a sin. Don’t do that. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasures sooner or later will bring misery and heart break.

So what is eligibility ?

You are eligible to love someone when you understand that there’s only one condition in love and that is ” No Condition “.!
Keep it unconditional !

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So think for  yourself , are you eligible ?  Are you ready to love ?

Love is the best gift bestowed to us by God. We all have right to love. So enjoy it and Keep Loving each others.

Thank You ! Jai Shri Krishna !

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