Welcome 2014 ( Really ?…..Are you ready enough ?)

Welcome you all again,  so folks ,today i won’t take your so much time .Here I am just trying to present some real facts in front of you. So 2013 is is almost ended . What we gain, What we lost , all things varries person to person and opinions to opinions .
But before celebrating 2014 , we really need to think on some facts .  
As much of the world looks forward to the promise of a New Year 2014, there is another group, nearly crores strong, whose only promise is a continued struggle against hunger against poverty , to survive.

No fireworks like those in Metro towns, or crystal ball dances as in Delhi pubs. Just another pubs day with an empty larder, empty belly, empty hopes and the bleakest of futures. And this, in the wake of the New Year of greatest access.


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